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Getting the Space You Need

Feeling cramped in your current space? You're probably experiencing some frustration—we get it. A pop-top or home addition could be the perfect solution. At Petra, we know that you need room to breathe and do your own thing.

Whether you’re looking to add a spacious primary suite, expand your kitchen, or add a couple of extra bedrooms, these upgrades can transform your life at home.

Pop-tops are great for adding an extra level without sacrificing any yard space, while home additions can be designed to seamlessly blend with your existing space as if it's always been there. Plus, increasing your home’s square footage can significantly boost its market value.

With The Pack at PCB, the process is smooth, fun, and tailored to your needs so your experience is better than you'd ever imagine it could possibly be. Let’s make your home work better for you and add that extra space you’ve been craving.

Bedroom Addition in Boulder County, Colorado
Petra Team Member Reviewing Design Samples in Boulder Colorado

Why Choose Petra for Your Pop-Top or Home Addition?

What sets us apart? It’s our commitment to making the process fun and engaging from start to finish. We’re not just about swinging hammers and checking boxes. We’re all about building relationships and creating spaces that truly reflect your lifestyle.

When you partner with us, you become part of The Pack. In other words, you can expect collaboration, care, and dedication to understand your needs. Our collaborative approach ensures you’re involved every step of the way, and our communication keeps you in the loop and excited about the progress.

If you’re ready to take your home to the next level with a pop-top or a home addition to expand your space, we'll make it happen. Just reach out to us to schedule a quick consultation

How Will You Know It's Time for a Pop-Top or Home Addition?

So, you’re not sure if a layout change will help you gain the space you need or if adding square footage is the way to go. Let’s go over some of the more common reasons homeowners ultimately decide on an addition or pop-up:

Taking Space from Another Room Is a No-Go

Say you want to make your living room larger. Naturally, you'll have to reallocate space from an adjacent room or take it over altogether. Unless that room has become all but useless, you may just be creating another problem while solving the first one. 

Working From Home Is Working Your Nerves

Plenty of us work from home nowadays and without a designated space, dealing with noise, foot traffic, and clutter will drive you to a breaking point. 

We can partner up to understand how much space you'll need, where in your home the best place to create your home office is, the type of custom built-in storage you require, and other features to make your workday go more smoothly. 

A pop-up will give you the opportunity to house your office on a different level from the rest of the home for some isolation away from the chaos. Outfit it with a wet bar and a bathroom to make your workday seamless.

If you opt for an addition on the main floor, your office could be placed near the kitchen for convenient snack runs. With an exterior door and a private patio, you could take a call outside or escape from the endless emails for a few minutes. 

We'll help you consider your options to decide on what's best for your working-from-home situation, whatever it may be.

Your Family's Getter Bigger and Your House is Feeling Smaller

Wouldn't it be nice if your home magically grew with your family? When another person is added to your household but you're fresh out of bedrooms, it could cause some stress. A pop-top can offer a lot of space for an additional bedroom, bathroom, and more, depending on how many square feet are available. 

If an older loved one is slated to move in, it's best to create an addition on the ground floor for optimal accessibility. 

You're Lacking Space to Do What You Love

Hobbies are the unsung heroes of bringing us joy. Not having a dedicated space for doing what you love can really bring down your enthusiasm for it. 

Introducing: the flex room. A flex room via a pop-top or addition will offer the space to fulfill your hobbyist dreams. We will work with you to choose the features that will make this space perfect for your favorite pastime.

Whether it's soundproofing, tons of built-in shelving and cabinets, or a flood of natural light, we'll design this space together to make this space perfect for your interests.


This is just a peek at the remodels we've had a blast creating for our clients. But remember, the design possibilities don't end here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the remodeling process like?

We can't speak for the other guys but at Petra, our priority in the remodeling process is your experience. At every stage, you can look forward to collaboration and real partnership. 

As for a step-by-step breakdown, check out our full process. But for now, let's cover the basics so you'll know what to expect:

We'll start with an introduction so we can make sure we're a good fit for one another. Then, we'll set some frameworks, like your project's scope of work, an investment range, and a design timeline. 

Next up, we'll talk about design concepts and work toward more detailed schematics. Once your architectural layout is approved, we'll present an estimate and continue to develop your design together. 

We're almost ready to put the plan into action! But first, you'll approve the final construction documents and your total cost. After we've obtained your permit, received your materials, and developed a detailed schedule, it's go time!

Throughout construction, you've got a big role to play as an integral part of The Pack. You'll connect with our development crew and have regular meetings with the designers, superintendent, and your project manager. 

After a detailed cleaning and a walkthrough, it's time to say goodbye so you can enjoy your new space!  

How much should I spend on a home addition?

This is definitely a homeowner-by-homeowner decision. But, we can tell you that your amount of investment will affect the grade of finishes, the size, and the features you'll be able to choose for your pop-up or addition. 

On average, many additions and pop-ups could cost from $250K all the way to $1.5M. A home addition is a major structural project that will land on the higher end of that range. For example, a large home addition that includes a second story will reach that higher cost. However, if you'd like to keep your investment lower, opt for a pop-top to get the space you and your family need.

Adding a more basic room, like a living room, flex room, bedroom, or office, could come in below this range. Essentially, think about the type of space your family needs, look at the investment you're able to make, and reach out to us to talk about your options.

We can work together to add square footage while staying within your budget with good old-fashioned problem-solving and collaboration. 

How much does it cost to add a pop-top to a house?

Adding a pop-top to a home is adding a second story. It's a major structural project that includes a lot of material, labor, and technique to support the added weight and keep your home structurally sound. 

The cost of a project like this ranges quite a lot but could cost up to $1.5M, depending on lots of factors. We don't want you to be scared off by that big number, because we can work with you to get the space you need with a lower investment. And if it suits your budget better, we can also talk about your options for an addition. 


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