Your Boulder Home Remodeling and Custom Home Partners

Welcome to a home transformation experience like no other in and around Boulder, CO. At Petra Custom Builders, we don’t just flawlessly remodel spaces or build outstanding custom homes—we bring you into our pack and offer an experience you won't find anywhere else. Your ideas are our blueprint, and every decision we make comes from working together.

Whether you're ready to tackle an epic remodel or dreaming of a custom home from scratch, we’re here for it. We bring dedication, authenticity, and a whole lot of heart to every project. It’s not just about updating your space, it’s about elevating your everyday life and making sure you enjoy the ride.

Let’s create something awesome together. Through a collaboration between your vision and our prowess, you can count on an experience and a project that far exceeds your expectations.

Pop-Top Remodel in Boulder, Colorado

Home Additions & Pop-Tops

in Boulder, CO

Looking to give your home a serious upgrade while creating the space you need? PCB has got your back. We’re not just talking about designing and building additions and pop-tops—we’re talking about making your home work better for you, feel like a perfectly tailored space, and boost its value at the same time. It’s a win-win-win.

Picture this: a brand-new primary suite that feels like a weekend retreat, an expanded gourmet kitchen where you can create dishes that would make Gorden Ramsey blush, or a home office that’s all decked out with custom cabinetry and soundproofing.

No matter the type of addition you're interested in, it's all about what you need and want.

Whole Home Remodeling
in Boulder, Colorado

A whole home remodel is a totally comprehensive approach that lets you hit the refresh button when it's time for a major change. Update your layout, open your floor plan, change out your finishes, upend your color palette—anything goes! 

When you work with PCB, we can reimagine your entire home together, giving you the freedom to tailor every nook and feature to your needs. You'll reap the benefits of a home that functions perfectly for you and your family and, believe it or not, truly enjoy the experience from start to finish that we're proud to offer every homeowner. 

Full Home Remodel in Boulder, CO
ADU in Boulder, Colorado

ADUs and Garages
in Boulder, Colorado

When a typical addition just won't cut it, an ADU is usually the answer. This self-sufficient space that's independent of the main home can become a private guest suite, a tricked-out home gym, or even a music studio if your heart desires.

With spaces dedicated to sleeping, cooking, eating, and lounging, there's little to nothing you'd need from the main home you can't find in your ADU. From a studio-type space with a bathroom and an open bedroom/living/kitchen configuration to a single-bedroom apartment-type home with a full kitchen, you can rock an ADU any way you see fit. 

Maybe you need a detached space for your vehicles and a woodworking shop or stained glass studio. Whatever it is that you like to do for fun or for work that needs a dedicated space, we can create a custom garage together that will give you just the right layout and square footage to cover it all. 

Kitchen Remodeling
in Boulder, Colorado

Let's face it—struggling with a dark, dated, cramped, or worn-out kitchen for every meal doesn't come with a badge of honor, so let's make your life easier with a kitchen you want to be in rather than have to be in. 

Whether you enjoy making your own pie crusts from scratch or push-of-a-button convenience, we'll get every design goal, dream feature, and style preference right by working alongside you through every stage. 

At PCB, we don't believe in keeping homeowners on the outskirts of the process. We bring homeowners into the fold (or as we like to say, make you part of the pack). This way, your kitchen remodel will truly reflect you and result in an experience that's fulfilling and, honestly, just plain fun. 

Kitchen Remodel in Boulder, CO
Basement Remodel with Basketball Court and Game Area in Boulder, CO

Basement Remodeling
in Boulder, Colorado

An unfinished basement is a wasted opportunity to add hundreds of liveable square feet to your home. Or perhaps your basement is finished but everyone sort of avoids it like the plague. 

What's really cool about a basement is that it feels like a bonus room. If you've always wanted an in-home theater, we've got great news for you—the basement is a perfect spot! Game room with a custom bar? Basement. Rental unit for passive income? Basement. Expansive home office? Admittedly not as exciting, but the basement is still a great space for it. 

We’re here to help you realize the full potential of every single square foot in your home (even if it's an office). 

Custom Homes
in Boulder, Colorado

Custom. It's what we do. From remodeling a single bathroom to designing and building an entire home, we count on your design aspirations to drive every single detail because custom is (literally) our middle name. 

Whether this is your first custom home or your fifth, we're going to be working together for quite a bit of time so we know the decision of who you choose for the job isn't taken lightly.

That's why we focus so diligently on your experience. At PCB, your custom home project isn't just another transactional undertaking like with other companies. Yes, we create custom homes in the Boulder area that will, without a doubt, exceed your expectations; but we also want you to enjoy the process, feel heard, and love your custom home even more for those efforts. 

Wood Plank Custom Home in Boulder, Colorado


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