Forty Under 40


Inside the Mind and Philosophy of Jimmy Moore

Founder & CEO of Petra Custom Builders

In the ever-evolving realm of construction, where ego can sometimes overshadow true craftsmanship, there are some who choose a different path. Jimmy Moore didn’t want his company to be just another addition to the roster of names. At 36, the founder of Petra Custom Builders, based in Boulder, Colorado, has challenged convention, crafting a legacy that’s as solid as the stone the name represents.

Portrait of Jimmy Moore, Owner at Petra Custom Builders

Servant Leadership: A Natural Gift

“I recognize my natural gift is leadership, specifically servant leadership,” Jimmy reflects. His voice resonates with a deep sense of purpose. “What I value most is empowering individuals to grow authentically. It makes us better husbands, wives, partners, parents—really, people in general.”

As he talks about his team, there’s a sense of genuine camaraderie. It’s clear that this is a leader who sees himself as a part of a whole, not the pinnacle of a hierarchy. “While my team entrusted me to be the leader, I am in many ways more dependent on them than they are on me,” he said, underscoring that point.

Servant Leadership

A Humble Name for a Bold Vision

With a construction industry focused on self-aggrandizement, Jimmy set out early on to create something different. “The construction industry has an ego issue, and so I didn’t want the company to have my name,” he states matter-of-factly. The decision to name his venture ‘Petra Custom Builders’ was both a departure from convention and an homage to heritage.

Explaining the name choice, he elaborates, “The Hebrew word for rock is Petra, which is also an ancient city built by local craftsmen that still stands today… And then there’s the Boulder Flatirons, which are incredible and remind us of the community we serve.”


Setting the Foundation for More Great Leaders

As a Forty Under 40 winner, Jimmy Moore’s story is a testament to the transformative power of servant leadership and a name chosen not for vanity, but for its enduring symbolism. Petra Custom Builders isn’t just constructing homes; they’re constructing a narrative of collaboration, humility, and community, acting as an inspiration for leaders yet to come.



Petra Custom Builders is committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring that each home is a reflection of your vision.